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>> pvc Electronic suction plastic packaging
>> Pencil cases
>> pvc、pet Cylinder
>> PS、ABS Plastic products
>> PP Plastic products
>> Pharmaceutical Packaging
>> Sun hat
>> Cosmetic
>> Metal, auto decoration
>> PP corrosion resistant blister packaging
>> Crafts blister packaging
>> Flocking Blister
>> Food blister packaging
>> Willow basket A
>> Wicker baskets B
Liniyi Mei’er Packaging Co,,Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise awarded by Government of Shandong Province. Our companyWith sheet machine, sheet machine, automatic molding machine, automatic plastic equipment. Professional design, production of various uses of PVC, PP, PE, PS, PET, BOPS, etc.Sheets, shee…… 【Detail
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  Address:: The Hua Wu Road and Luo Qi Road Interchange 100 meters south , Luozhuang District , Linyi City, Shandong Province, China.
  Tel: 86-539-8331505 8150585
  Fax: 86-539-8161527
  Mailbox: [email protected]
  E-mail: Wang manager
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Address:The Hua Wu Road and Luo Qi Road Interchange 100 meters south  Phone:86-539-8331505聽8150585   Fax:86-539-8161527
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